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Personal Training

By definition, Personal Training is as unique as your individual goals. At CrossFit Grail, you are already receiving personal training everyday just by attending a class. However, we also provide hourly one-on one personal training designed to meet your specific needs and situation. Having difficulty with a specific skill?  Can’t quite seem to get your ‘power clean’ just right? Maybe you just need some personal time with a “Quest Facilitator” to work on a program specific to you?

Our skilled and certified trainers are available for an additional hourly fee, and unlike the larger ‘Globo-Gyms,’ we provide trainers that are part of the CrossFit Grail team. The same team you work with every day in class. They aren’t free-lancers with no accountability. When you receive personal training at CrossFit Grail, our reputation is at stake, so you will get the highest quality training available at a reasonable rate while providing a high level of value.

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