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I was reading the many articles on how to stay fit during the holidays. They vary from the kooky to the sensible and everything in between. Men’s Fitness gives such advice as planning your month, have a workout buddy, and keep evaluating your progress. The Los Angeles Times recommends that you strive for 15 high intensity minutes each workout. ABC News suggests that you stick to a schedule and work out as early as possible.  These all seem like sound advice. In fact, every Grail athlete really just has to do one thing.  Show up.  We already provide early classes with high intensity WODs in a community that holds you accountable, all while tracking your results and progress. So, make a commitment that during the holidays, you are going show up. Reserve your classes 7 days in advance. Reserving a class is a small but significant step in committing yourself to stay on track this holiday season. Of course, use Grail travel WODs when you are away from the gym so you can stick with your goals. We also have a number of fun things planned this month to also help out, so get ready for some BINGO, 12 Days of Christmas, and our New Year’s WOD celebration!  See the full list of events and announcements below, including the CrossFit Grail 1st Annual Holiday Celebration and the Hope Starts Here Food Bank donation drive.

Stay strong everybody!
~Eric & Michelle Keely, Owners CrossFit Grail

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