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Check-In Challenge for Charity


Check-In Challenge for Charity

September 1-30, 2017  

Do you want to watch Eric do BURPEES in a costume of your choice?
Do you want notoriety, popularity, adoration and prizes?

Here is how you can make that happen!

  1. Check-in to CrossFit Grail on Facebook each time you attend class = 1 point
  2. Use the hashtag: #barbellsforboobs = 1 point
  3. Check in with a picture of yourself, class, workout, etc = 1 point

* Each person with at least 12 check-ins for the month (not points) goes into a drawing

* The person with the most total points at the end of the month wins
notoriety, popularity and a prize!

* CrossFit Grail will donate $2 to Barbells for Boobs for each time the person who checks in the most with the hashtag #barbellsforboobs

BURPEES! The top 3 people with the most check-ins (not points),
Eric will do that many BURPEES on video.

$$$ BONUS: For each $1 you donate to Barbells for Boobs, you will get one vote (point) for the costume Eric has to wear to do the BURPEES.
(total donations must be more than $300 for this to happen)

Note: You must be attending a class for your check-in to count.


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