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60-Day Burpee Challenge


60-Day Burpee Challenge

60-Day Burpee Challenge
(Aren’t you glad I didn’t say 100-Day?!?!)

What is a 60-Day Burpee Challenge?
BURPEES – those little demons of endurance we love to hate! How do we learn to appreciate them? By doing more of them! A great way to stay conditioned and pass the time as we head into the winter season. It also helps that there will be a CASH pot at the end of the 60-Day Challenge going to the top male and female athlete with the most improved time! We hope that all of you take advantage of this challenge and have FUN!

When does it start?
Day 1 is on Monday, October 2, 2017

When does it end?
November 30, 2017 (60 days from October 2, 2017). We will have a get together on this date to test everyone who participated in the 60-Day Burpee Challenge. Mark your calendars!

How much is the Buy-In and where do I pay it?
$5 U.S. CASH (no refunds). Can be given to one of your coaches at CrossFit Grail along with your Burpee Score Card with baseline time (see below).

Use standard Chest-to-Deck Burpees. Modify as needed. Here is a video of standard form Burpees: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX1IfVFkm6s

  1. Set a baseline time for our 60 Burpees – Soon!
  2. You will need a partner/coach to count & time your reps for you along with signing off on your score card. This can be done at CrossFit Grail or at home, but you must have a partner/coach. See attached for BURPEE SCORE CARD
  3. DO NOT GO SLOW TO THROW OFF YOUR TIME!!! Be honest and work hard. We will question you if we think you are trying to throw your time off for a chance to get a better score.
  4. The buy in is $5 per athlete along with your signed score card.
  5. Starting on Oct 2nd, do 1 burpee. For every day of the challenge, add a burpee to that day for a total of 60 days.
  6. If you miss a day, you must make up those lost days. (ex. you miss day 20 and you are on day 21, you must complete 41 burpees…) You will also be penalized $0.25 which will be added to the prize money + a 2-second penalty on final time. Moral of this story: Do your burpees every day! (Drop $0.25 in the jar at the front desk)
  7. If you don’t start the challenge with us on Day 1, you can ‘buy-in’ up to Day 20 by completing ALL outstanding Burpees on your first day + $0.25 for each day missed.
  8. You can complete each day’s burpees all at once, or broken up and done throughout the day. You will only have to do them all at once when you are testing for time at the start and end.
  9. Any Burpees completed during a regular workout CANNOT be counted towards that day’s challenge total, and Burpees CANNOT be ‘banked’ in advance.
  10. If a contestant chooses to drop-out, he/she must pay a $5 withdrawal fee.
  11. Scoring will be based off a percentage of most improved time, not who has the best time.
  12. The Burpee challenge is based on the honor system – have FUN and get stronger doing it!

* 10% of the Pot will go to the person that takes the coolest picture or video of a Burpee with CrossFit Grail involved in any way and anywhere (as long as no one or nothing is hurt during the process). Pictures / Videos can be posted in the Community Page and coolest pic will be determined by the CrossFit Grail coaches.

Please contact us with any further questions via email at [email protected] or through the CrossFit Grail Facebook Community Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CrossFitGrail/

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